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 In 2009 I was spending a lot of time surfing the 'net reading the text of bloggers and wondering how they did it. As a New Year's resolution I decided to start my own blog and try to pick up some social media skills. 

It wasn't hard to come up with a topic, I only needed to look around my den/office. As long as I can remember I have alway enjoyed the thrill of a unique discovery. Who doesn't? Junk piles, bottle dumps, etc. were mysterious place to explore with my neighborhood buddies.


I like to tell the story of how - while learning to drive -my mom would teach me to parallel park between cars stopped at tag sales. We would stop and explore. Though skeptical (I was a teen), I looked. At one of these sales something caught my eye. It was a Blatz Beer display a man skating on a pond with a plaster head and a beer-bottle body. I was hooked and that started me collecting breweriana. 

Not long after, I was in the car with my father, when suddenly he pulled over on a woodsy stretch of Route 22 in New York. "Let's look for beer cans for your collection." These are fond memories of my parents supporting me in the hunt to build my collection. 

Having a career managing community projects has allowed me to connect with groups and organizations that value local history and culture.  It has also helped to support my passion for weekend journeys and the search for good stories.

 I still contribute to the blog I started in 2009. You can find it by clicking here - The blog on this site I reserve for more in-depth posts. Please enjoy them both.   

The original blog, with hundreds of posts, gave me enough recognition to my first speaking engagement in 2013. What followed has been a growing series of lecture opportunities - an unexpected benefit I thoroughly enjoy.  


At the urging of a good friend, I have established this site to further develop my brand and philosophy.  

My goal is to keep on searching... to find the forgotten history, lost items and unsung heroes, to preserve, share and whenever possible -return them. 


This is Urban Archeology.


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