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Podcast Episode #1 (behind the scenes)

Thank you for listening to the premiere episode of "Stories from the attic." Creating a regular series of audio presentations has been a long time coming. It really isn't still completely "here." What you are listent to is the "beta" test for what is to come. Instead of workshopping the format in private, I want to have the audience see the progression of the pod into its final form - if there is one. I want to thank my good friend Martin Blanco, someone who has been hammering away at his own podcast projects. One of the producers of "The Flagpole Radio Cafe," a live stage show in western CT that features a house band, comedy skits, and a named performer. For over 14 years I have been a contributor in one way or another, and at the start of the new season I asked Martin to help me flesh out my Pod to widen my audience. He has helped me through the first 7 episodes and I couldn't be more grateful. Search his amazing pod on Spotify called " I wish I were a Prosciutto." It is a regular audio journey he makes to keep some of the foods, places and traditions he experienced growing up, alive and well. I recommend it.

Forgive the long post. It is my first episode, and it's one of my favorite stories. In fact, its the one I usually tell my live audiences which helps to explain why I do this "Urban Archeology" thing I do. If you remember seeing "West Side Story" on TV like I do, it was an experience. I imagine the actual play was just as captivating. The combination of voice dance and drama, actually some very violent drama, really stuck with me as a youngster. Who let me watch this? It wasn't until later that I discovered how much of the credit went to Stephen Sondheim for this production, and how much serendipity plays in the uncovering of hidden history. For it was these 75yr old home movies of Mr Sondheim that eventually led me to his home in Roxbury, CT. A home not more than 10 minutes from where I found these home movies, and not more than 15 minutes from my home.

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