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History Needs Our Help!

As an Urban Archeologist it's not always easy choosing which direction to go each weekend. Connecticut? New York? I am surrounded by opportunity, but there is no guarantee which choice will result in success. Like a true archeologist, some study is involved but ultimately choice and chance get to write the next chapter.

With an ear to the ground I am alway listening and looking for a tip, a clue or any indication of where the best sale might be.

It was a Facebook post by a local group that led me on my latest journey. As I refine the credo of UA, the most important thing I am looking for is a way to serve others as I seek out the objects of my passion. Restoring an old Iron bridge for a few hours on a Saturday morning seemed like serendipity.

With garden tools in one hand and my GoPro in the other I ventured out to see what I could do.

There are very few bridges of this style in country and only one other in Connecticut. This one, though still standing, has not been maintained or upgraded and now is fenced off because it is too dangerous to cross. That's where the "friends" comes in - sanctioned by the town of New Milford this volunteer commission is doing what they can to bring attention to the history and plight of the bridge and the importance of restoration.

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